​​Air Quality Professionals

Air Quality Professionals Pty Ltd was founded in October 2012 by Tracy Freeman, Principal Air Quality Consultant.  The company is based in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, and specialises entirely in assessment, improvement, licencing and control of air quality.  Clients are located in both Australia and New Zealand.  

The company operates on the values of integrity, excellence, client-focussed flexibility, and delivery of solutions.

​​Tracy Freeman

Tracy has over 21 years’ experience in environmental and air quality consultancy with a background of chemical and process engineering education.  She has provided advice on air quality issues to a broad range of industries and infrastructure activities.

Tracy is widely recognised as an expert in air quality issues, and has provided advice and/or evidence on:

B.E. (Chem & Proc) 1st Hons

M.Eng (Chem)

■  industrial emissions
■  atmospheric dispersion modelling
■  particulates, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and other priority pollutants

■  nuisance impacts (dust, odour)
■  hazardous air pollutants
■  emission monitoring programmes and inventories

■  NEPM (National Environment Protection Measure - Air Quality) compliance (Australia)

■  NES (National Environmental Standards - Air Quality) compliance (New Zealand)

■  NPI (National Pollutant Inventory) reporting
■  licence compliance and negotiation of conditions 

■  ambient air quality monitoring and analysis

■  meteorological monitoring and analysis

■  intensive farming and food production emissions
■  buffer zones and separation distances
■  reverse amenity impacts from developments
■  local factors that influence air quality – meteorology, topography, neighbour

■  investigation of complaints
■  prosecutions (both for and against)

Tracy also has a speciality in odour assessment and management for wastewater, solid waste, livestock farming, and industrial activities, and is particularly well-regarded for her expertise in odour nuisance risk assessment.  She has been the Chair of the Odour Special Interest Group of the Clean Air Society of Australia & NZ since 2010.

She has conducted multiple formal training courses in atmospheric dispersion modelling, including AUSPLUME and CALPUFF, and is well respected for her competence in the area of modelling and consequential interpretation of impact or nuisance risk assessment.

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