Understanding local wind patterns is a very important part of any air quality investigation.  Sometimes local data is available commercially or from the local regulator, however sometimes it is necessary to carry out some monitoring of wind conditions to supplement other regional meteorological data. 

Having a local source of wind data is also useful for diagnosing causes of complaints or elevated ambient air quality concentrations.

Air Quality Professionals assists clients with meteorological monitoring, providing the following assistance as required:

- analysis of existing regional data, quality of existing sites, and assessment of whether additional meteorological

  monitoring is required

- evaluation of local conditions and underlying air quality issues to recommend location for, and type of monitors

-ƒ development of appropriate monitoring programmes - what, where, when, how long, how many, cost

-ƒ preparation of briefs for specialist instrument supply contractors if required, and analysis of tenders

- uploading of data and raw data ratification (data quality control, error checking)

-ƒ data analysis, interpretation, comparison with other sites, correlation with ambient air quality data, reporting


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